Thursday, November 25, 2010

A strange story

As Mark sat down, he felt something moving next to his leg. He look to see if something was there but there was nothing.
    Mark was in his house, in his room. Hes was there to write a story about his family. In his house there was no one, he was alone.
    While he was writing, suddenly he heard a scream. He screamed loudly and moved towards to his living room. He saw a shadow on the wall. He was very scared. A few minutes later, he went to his room quickly and he locked the door to be safe.
     After a few minutes, he wrote the story and went to his living room. He was a little hysterical. He saw again the shadow on the wall and moved to Mark. Suddenly he felt something that is moved towards on his leg. He closed his eyes and screamed as loudly as he could. The neighbors come to his house to see what was wrong."A ghost" and Mark cried! Then he looked down and saw a cat looking up at his eagerly

1 comment:

  1. What a great story! It was quite scary at first but luckily everything turned out OK.