Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A story

Listening to the weather report on the police radio, the family huddled around a candle in the dark house. A murderer has just escaped from prison, and the news said about this terrible event.The family heard a weird sound near the door. They shouted with fear about what could happen and the father took the machine gun to protect his family.As he got next to the door, he saw a  killer with a knife .

He tried to stop him, but as soon as he attacked him, the murderer sliced his neck  forcing him to fall back to his house.They started fighting in the living room and  the mother went with the kids to the first floor to protect them.

Near death the father tried to save to his other family, but luckily for them the mother had enough time to call the police.Cops tried to catch the killer and finally succeeded. After wards this terrible event, the killer returned to prison and the father had to stay in hospital until his injuries heal.

Eventually ,the family was  safe and sound.Luckily, there weren't any victims on this case and everything went as policemen planned.The killer was sentenced for his assault and stayed 5 more years in prison.

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  1. George, it's so great to see that you have started blogging, but you should be more careful when writing. See all the phrases I have underlined again. I was also wondering... Did the family hear about the murderer on the WEATHER report?