Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Future plans/ ambitions/ jobs.

1. I am planning on finishing junior and then senior high school and write really good in my last exams so I can pass to a good university. I hope I learn everything I need there to be able to get the job I want, which is astronomer.

2. When I leave school I will go to the university and I will finish my certificate so I can become an astronomer.

3. Guess what.

4. I believe the profession that fits best on me is an astronomer, because I like it very much and if I study hard I can become really good at it. I also like maths, physics and chemisrty a lot and they are essential for becoming an astronomer.

5. I would like to make useful and helpful discoveries. I don't care if they're going to be in the beggining or ending of my career, I just want to make good use of my knowledge and help other people with it.

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