Tuesday, October 1, 2013

                                            Leisure time/hobbies/sports/vocations.

1) In my free time I do a lot of things.Firstly,I usually play volleball, I play  with my friends in a team which called 'Athlesi'.I really like it because it is very popular sport.Secondly,I am keen on listening to music and of course I always sing in my bathroom and generaly in my home.I prefer rock music.

2)I really like to read literary books because I think that these books give you a lot of experience about our lives.I like to read romantic books  especially based in a truth story.I really enjoy read books but when I finish the book I think that wasted time. I don't know why but I think it.

3)My weekdays I think that it is so boring but my weekends is perfect.My weekdays: Monday to friday I wake up early and then I go to school.I go to school with my feet. I start at 8 o'clock in the morning and finish at 2:10.In the afternoon I  have lessons. I go to the English lesson two times a week and I go to training in the volley ball team four times a week.My weekends is the same evry time but it isn't boring.On suturday morning I wake up one o'clock then I do my homework. I go to the down town with my friends and go to the cafe. On sunday I do my homework for the English.In the afternoon I go or eifel cafe next to my house or kritiko bakery next to my house.

4)There are o lot of places where I can go in my free time.I go to the galeto or kritikos  bakery or eifel. I prefer go to the kritikos bakery baucause there are going my friends at school.

5)I have esecial sport not hooby.I have been  playing  volleyball since 12 years old.I play with my friends in a team which called 'athlesi'.I really like it because ia a team sport ans has a lot of stress.

6)I've never been aboard but I want it very much.iI sometimes surf the ne and find pictures with attraction other countries.In the summer I prefer to go to islands than abroad.

7)If I could I would like to go in Russia. in the summer I went to the hotel with  Russian. I met a lot and I want to see them again.

8)When I go on a vocation  I  travel by ship I think tha it is more availiable and economic.

9)In the summer I have training in the beach volley.I am  on the beach all day but when I cant go on the beach I go to the down town or meet with my friends or mu home or my friends home.

10) I have no plans for this summer yet but I believe it will be about the same as the privious. I really want to go  aboard. I would like to go to  Paris.I really want this, because paris is one  of the most beautiful places,and there are many things to there.

11)In my opinion, the best destination is Matala.Last year was my first time there.Matala is a very beautiful place and it has a very clear sea.I  enjoyed so much because we were sleeping ,me my sister and my friend  lida,in a tent.There are a lot of things to do such as playing volleyball,swimming and singing with the hippies.

12)Last year,we went with our school in Athens.We visited some are arceological places,such as acropolis, the theatre of epidavrous and parthenonasWe went to the mall for the shopping and went to  allou fan park.Its amazing.I want to remember this travel.Its so mportant for me because this was the first trip with my friends.