Tuesday, October 1, 2013

ECCE Speaking: Stage 1: Answers

1. In my spare time I usally go for a walk with my friends. If they can't I play computer and playstation on my own or with my cousins.Also, I am keen on playing with my other cousins that they are 3 years old.

2. I usually spend my weekends by playing tennis with my friends, but I also doing my homework for the school and for the English school.

3. My hobby is the same with the sport because I play tennis, I have won some medals on single and double. I'm exercise every Saturday with my trainer but I play with my friends everytime we can.

4. I'm involved in tennis lessons every Saturday.

5. In my free time i can go to the cinema or to drink something in a cafeteria with my friends.

6. No, I don't like reading.

7. I don't like reading I don't have any special kind of book that I like.

8. I don'y like reading so I don't enjoy books.

9. Yes, I've been to London and Cyprus, with my godparents, my godmother is half from London and half from Cyprus so we get together there.

10. I would like to to Dubai of UAE because my godparents live there and I want to visit them.

11. I like to travel with the airplane because I like it very much, it is very fast and I go to the cockpit, it is fantastic!

12. We go to our house in Kokkini  Chani which is 20m from the sea. I go cycling with my cousins and we play various games.

13. We haven't plan anything yet.

14. My favorite holiday destination is Las Vegas of Nevada because there it has a lot of casinos, very good kitchen and entertainment, that's why Las Vegas is called "The capital of entertainment of the world".

15. My favorite trip so far was in London, we lived to the house of my godmother and we went to Big Ben, Harrods, to the Underground, to the London Eye, to the Buckingham Palace, to the Chinatown and we saw all the sights of London.

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