Friday, October 16, 2015

My favourite sport.

  My favourite sport is volleyball.I like volleyball because it is a team sport and you don't play on your own,so you have to rely on your team.As a result, volleyball and team sports in general create bonds among the players.I started playing volleyball at secondary school,before I hated it.You can play volleyball on a beach or at a schoolyard.Volleyball teams are formed by 6 players and you have to pass the ball to the other side with 3 passes to the maximum.If the ball touches the ground or go out of the lines you lose one point,the game ends at 24 points.My favourite volleyball player is Peter Blange because he does the best passes.


  1. Well done!! I liked it very much! Volleyball seems to be a very nice sport!

  2. Nice post Manolis!I find Volleyball interesting and fun too.

  3. I can see a lot of people are interested in volleyball. We shiuld form our own team then! Yay!!!