Friday, January 30, 2015

Letter of opinion about further studies

Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my opinion about your recent article that I saw in your last edition newspaper.The article was about students who decide not to carry on with their studies to go to university.

First and foremost, students are not motivated to further their studies.Morover, even if they decide to go to university, they can not find a job because of the major unemployment numbers.In this way, most students are putt off from their studies and try to find a job, for instance in cafes, night bars,kiosks, to make some money.

According to the article, the decision not to go to university to further their studies is by virtue of extremely expensive fees in universities. Furthermore, families can not afford them, so their children do not take appropriate knowledge to deal the requirements of their lives.

Taking all that into consideration, I hope solutions will be given to students and apply for further studies. Also, the inability of finding a job should not be always in their minds, because this way no one tries to study and work hard to make a living.

    Yours faithfully,
          Fotis Markakis