Tuesday, October 1, 2013

ECCE speaking test Entertainment

1.I usually go to a place we use for playing football or basketball or to a coffee shop or simply we go walks without special place to go with my friends.

3.My friends like to listen rap or hip hop music , I like to listen these types of music and pop , r n b music.

4.My favorite singer is snoop dogg because he sings good songs.

5.I prefer going to the cinema because the sound is better than at the theatre and the image too and to the cinema usually has better movies for me than at the theatre.

6.My favorite actor is Stallone because I like his acting and his movies.

7.I have seen the movie Abduction recently.In this movie I like the script , the sceneries and the acting in this movie .

8.I don't see movie often , in fact I see a new movie for average every year.

9.I like action movies , adventure movies and fantasy , science fiction movies. I don't have a special reason I just like to watch these types of movies.


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