Tuesday, October 1, 2013

ECCE speaking test Leisure time

1. In my spare time I play computer games such as LOL or PES . Another activity I do is listening to music . My favorite kinds of music are hip hop , rap , pop , r n b . At the end in my free time I like reading books.

2.I spend my weekdays going to school and to my english lessons . Also I do my homework , I play some computer and I go walks with my friends.

3.My hobbies are 2 . Firstly , I like to be in my computer and secondly I read books . Now , for sports , I like playing football .

4.I'm not involved in any sport but I like football .

5.In my free time I can go to my neighborhoud with 2 of my friends or to go for a walk with my other friends.

7. I like to read science fiction , fantasy , mystery or thriller books .

8.I enjoy reading books because I like reading about the topics which are intresting for me.

9.No, I have never been abroad.

10.If I could , I would like to go in Brazil because in Brazil exists very good football players and it has very beautiful scenery.

11. I don't have a prefer on which vehikle will I use yo go somewhere but where will I go.

12.I read books that aren't school books , I play the computer games I said in question 1 , I go swimming and I go with my friends for a walk or to play something.

13.In the summer I'm going to stay home and to go at the weekends at a beach to do a bath , nothing more.

14.The answer is at question 10.

15.I have only been at greek locations for holiday so the things I saw where almost the same to here in Kreta.

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