Tuesday, October 8, 2013

E C C E -Speaking Test 2


1.I don't usually go out with my friends.Howover when we have much free time,we go to the Talos.We go there because there are many shops,cafes and restaurants.It is so great and we have a lot of fun!Futhermore we meet a lot of people and make new friends.

2.My family and and I usually eat at tavers at the weekends.We go at villages and find good taverns.For example we go very often at Latsida and we eat there because it has many traditional taverns where the food is so tasty.

3&4.Music is my life!I listen to different songs every day!When I am shy I prefer listening on Youtube relaxing and romantic songs.However,when I have a lot of energy and I am very happy,I usually hear loud songs.Futhermore, I haven't got a favourite singer but all these years my favourite song is " Because of you " by Kelly Clarkson.In adition to me,my best friend supose that the traditional songs represent Crete.

5&6.I prefer going to the movies because of many things.First of all,cinemas are mordener than theatres and every young goes there.Secondly,the sound at the cinemas are better than theaters because at the theater you can't hear the actors.Also,performances haven't much intresting things to see.My favourite actor is Mr Bean who is so funny and make every people laugh.

7&8.Whereas I don't go to the cinema,I see movies on TV.For example,yestreday I saw a romantic and funny movie which is called "The Ugly Truth".The main actors in this movie was Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler.

9&10.I'm keen on romantic movies.I don't know excactly why I  like these movies but when I see a movie in this type I always learn things about life and love.

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