Sunday, October 20, 2013

E C C E Speaking Test 4

General Questions

1.Well,some young people do excercises every day  because they want to have a well-built body.But others don't do some activities because in my view like me they haven't much free time to care their bodies due of much homework.

2.In my opinion most of girls always fight about boys.However,boys don't fight because they are "senseless".

3.All the young people prefer junk food because these food is tastier than the home-made food.Futhermore the place that the food is served is more friendly and is prepared very quicly.

4.In my opinion,there are some advantages and disandantages to being an only child.First of all,the disandantage is that the boy or the girl hasn't got a brother or sister to play with.In adition,the benefit is that their parents purchase them whatever they want.However,gifts aren't so important as a sibling.

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