Tuesday, October 8, 2013


1. I'm in the 3rd year of the high school.

2. I like my school, because it has a lot of kind teachers and I really like maths, physics and chemistry very much.

3. I really like trips and walks once in a while, but what I like most is the 3 day trip we will go in the end of the year. Me and my friends are preparing for it from the 1st year of the high school.

4,5. The subjects I like best are maths, physics and chemistry. I like them a lot, because I want to become an astrophysist and I like learning about them.

6. I don't like ancient greek, because it is very dificult and I have to learn a lot of things. Lastly, because I will never use ancient greek.

7,8. After the exams are over I will relax a bit, but then I will start lessons for the proficiency.

9. Education is very important and I believe it should be compulsory, because without it we couldn't do anything.

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