Tuesday, October 1, 2013


1.In my free time I usually play football and listen music.Also I play computer games and I often go for a walk with my friends.
2.First of all at weekends I really want to go a  trip with my family In crete but espesially in my vIllage.There I go cycling with my friends to the square and then I go to eat something in fast food restaurant or a pizza restaurant. Secondly at weekends I like going to the cinema and watching the most recent movies.
3.I have a lot of hobbies but my favourite hobby is playing football because I have started playing since 8 years.Also I really like playing computer games,espesially sports games
4.I don't have a favourite singer because I like bands.I really like onirama.
5.I like watching movies to the cinema because I like the loud sound and the big screen.
6.I don't have a favourite actor, but I like comedy actors who are so funny
7.Ihave seen Iroman 3 and I was very excited about the action scenes.
8.I go to the cinema twice a month so I watch movies very often
9.I like action movies with special effects and in a 3d scene.
10.I like action movies because  they have a lot adrenalline and  and intersest.

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