Sunday, October 4, 2015

Personal Questions

1) How do you feel when you've got an exam?  
When I have got an exam I feel emotional.If I have study well I'm very confident about the exam.But when I've not study very well I feel anxious and nervous.

2)Do you want to go to university?
Yes I'd love to go to university.I believe that it is a very good and useful qualification for my future to find a job.

3)Are you a competitive person?
I don't think that I am a competitive person because I'm not always anxious to be better than everyone else.

4)What characteristics must a good friend have?
I think that the most important thing must a friend have is honesty.A good friend must always tells the truth.Also another thing is loyalty.Friends should be loyal and never to squeal their friends.

5)Have you ever had a swollen ankle/a bad bruise/a black eye?What happened?
Yes, I have.While I was playing hopscotch I fell and I broke my right hand.

6)What do you like doing at the weekend?
In my free time at the weekend I like to go jogging and cycling with my best friend.Also I like watching adventure films with my cousin.

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  1. * never to squeal/ compain to their friends

    Bravo B2 blogger!!!