Friday, October 9, 2015

More Safe Space for Schools

Dear editor,
I was interested in the article about more safe space for schools.
I have experience of this as once my friend fell and broke his arm because of a broken down spot in our schoolyard.

First of all, I absolutely agree that students need a place where they can exercise and be sociable.Also that safe outdoor space is important for keeping students in good health mentally and physically.It would be good to create a safer outdoor space because many accidents like that my friend had could be prevented.Furthermore, if a safer outdoor space helps students become more healthy, mentally and physically it should also help them to improve their performance at school.

On the other hand we could spend money on other things rather than making a safe outdoor space in order to make the students more careful and responsible.

Finally, I believe that students need a safer outdoor space in order to help them be healthier, perform better at school and prevent more accidents from happening.

Yours faithfully,


  1. - more safe OR safer???

    - what other things could money be spent on? Give examples in paragraph 3.

    - broken down spot? Explain better!

    17/20 Well done for a good first attempt!

  2. Well done Costandinos ... Good attempt .. Ruth

  3. Well done Costandinos ... Good attempt .. Ruth