Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A letter

Hi Tom,
I just received your letter.This seems like a difficult choice so I'm happy I can help you!

In my opinion you should choose science for your main course.I believe that, because you can use science in ways that can help many people or even the whole humanity.Also since you were little you were very into science experiments and movies. Furthermore you have to enjoy doing your job in order to be successful in it,so I would definitely  advise you to choose science.I don't believe you should choose languages because in my opinion you would easily get bored with it and you would be unhappy with your job.Moreover I remember you being less interested in class when we had literature lessons than when we had lessons connected with science.

To sum up, I personally think that you should better choose sience because I believe that you will be more interested in it and you are not going to get bored with it.However It's up to you now!I hope that my letter was helpful.
Best wishes,

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