Saturday, October 3, 2015

Essay about television

     Nowadays, most of people have at least one television at their houses. But is it always beneficial to watch it? In my pinion, we have two aspects to consider.
     There are some advantages of watching television. First of all, viewers have been given the opportunity to watch a variety of programmes on their screens. Consequently, all people can watch and learn from documentaries and they can also be entertained by watching their favourites films or cereals. Moreover, people can hear the news or watch sports matches. The second advantage is that if young children watch educational programmes the will surely reap the benefits.
     However, watching television has also some important diasdvantages. Firstly, people can be hooked on that screen. As a result, children and teenagers or adults may forget to do their homework or housework and fulfil their obligations. In this way all people may get in trouble. Another disadvantage is that all viewers are exposed to watch all those advertisements and their favourites programmes are interrupted. That may be very annoying.
     In conclusion, television has some advantages, but it has also some important disadvantages. If adolescents and teenagers use it in the right way, they will be entertained and informed. Furthermore, they will enrich their own knowledge.

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