Friday, January 30, 2015

Two and a half man review

   My favourite Tv programme is,the american production series,Two and a half man. It is a very famous comedy Tv programme as in USA and all over the world.
   There are two brothers Charlie and Alan.Charlie is a rich man and he has a nice house on Malimbu beach.Alan is a separated man and he has one son called Jake.Alan moved to his brothers house because he hasn't got any money or job.They live together and the series is about their funny experiences.
   It is my favourite Tv programme because it is hilarious and amusing.All the time they tell jokes and also their actions are very funny.Also,the actors are very good and they play their roles profesonally.
   In conclusion,I recommend it to all that have not seen it yet.It is a very amusing and funny programme and I believe that everyone will enjoy it a lot.