Friday, January 30, 2015

Essay about people growing up in an extremely rich family!

     In my point of view, growing up in an extremely rich family is something that in certain circumstances is nice.But is it always good?

     There are many advantages of being a person that belongs to a rich family.First of all, you have the opportunity to travel a lot and buy expensive things such as: clothes, accessories etc.Furthermore, if you are rich you can donate a special amount of money to charities and that is really important, because this way you can help the motivation of other wealthy people.Moreover, if you are rich you might have your own business and do not have to work at all.Finally, if one of the members of a rich family have a serious illness, they will have the chance to donate an amount of money in order to help the member get well.

     But, there are also many disadvantages.Firstly, you do not have true friends, because some of them are with you for your money.Additonally, sometimes if you are rich your behaviour becomes weird.You become mean and you feel that you own all the world.You make relationships only with people of your type(wealthy people) and mostly you become disliked.Last but not least, if you are wealthy, you are popular and you are always in the public light something that is really annoying due to the fact that people comment on you all the time and they sometimes spread rumours about you.

     In general, I believe that it is not necessarily negative to belong to a rich family, because if you are a good-hearted person and love the others, money is a minor factor.


  1. Your essay is amazing! I totally agree with you! ;)

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  3. Congratulations!Your project is nice and i agree with your opinion.

  4. Nice essay. Totaly agree with your ideas!

  5. I like all the comments from your class mates great support!!! Especially George re ;-) Well done guys xx Ruth