Monday, August 4, 2014

Internet and social networking


 Nowadays the Internet use is the most convenient way to find information not only about school assignments, but also about the latest news in our world. Apart from that, the Internet is a very chip solution to a problem, which is called entertainment. By surfing the Net, we can find a wide variety of applications and online websites, which will help us watch movies and series and listen to music too. Moreover, we can't forget the online shopping! Millions of people prefer buying online to shopping down town, in the city's hustle and bustle. Lastly, another advantage of Internet is the communication. (READ LATER!) 

  On the other hand, though, the excessive use of the Internet may be harmful to us (-because of the computer - for instance it might damage our eyes, it is extremely bad for our posture). What is more, the tender aged individuals might get addicted to it and neglect their homework seriously. Another disadvantage of the Internet, is getting misinformed while conducting a survey. Not everything on Internet is 100% trustworthy.

  To sum up, if we misuse the Internet, we won't broaden our horizons as we are supposed to.


  As for social networking, first of all, it is really useful as it gives us opportunities to communicate not only with relatives or friends who are far away, but also with people who are close to us. Apart from that it is free and we can have access to it easily. Furthermore, chances to meet new people are provided. 

  However, making new friendships, or giving personal details  is not always safe. The danger of meeting hazardous people who want to harm is increasing. Moreover pupils might get obsessed with social networking  and be restricted from the society, their family and not concentrate on their homework. 

  On balance, if we use the social networking system safely, we won't get any harm.


  Taking all these into consideration, as far as I'm concerned,  it is not in our best interest to spend a lot of hours using the Internet and the social networking system. That's because both of them hide dangers. So, parents should supervise their children to study harder. Apart from that, both can make us become isolated and they can destroy our best relationships. Last but not least, if we use them wisely, we could reap the benefits of both!

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  1. The conclusions you drew were especially wise! Bravo Marinaki for yet another thought provoking post!