Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Chess Boxing

Chess Boxing

Nowadays, because of the increased need for new, innovative creations, more and more strange extreme sports are being invented. Some of them may seem a bit ridiculous and funny, but every single one of them has something unique, mysterious and unprecedented about it, and these are the reasons they attract so many people from all the age groups. After conducting some research, I'd like to introduce you to one of the most weird, but actually incredibly interesting and difficult, sport in the world! It is called; chess boxing.

Chess boxing is an alternative, hybrid sport that combines chess and boxing. Although it was first  invented in the late 1970s, its big debut hapenned in 2000, when championships started being held too.

 Structure an rules
A full match consists of eleven rounds: six round of chess, each three minutes long, and five rounds of boxing, each three minutes long (sometimes four minutes under amateur rules ). The match begins with a chess match and alternate with boxing until the end of the match. There is also a one-minute break between evry challenge, during which competitors cool out and change gear.

In relevance with the special kit, the competitors wear special boxing costumes and closed-back headphones, while playing chess, in order to focus on the game and avoid hearing comments from the spectators and instructors.

Required skills
In order to participate in an annual championship you must, not only be an experienced boxer, but also be at least Class A strength as chess player ( professional level ).

... So if you are interested in chess boxing, you'd better start working out because it needs countless hours of working out in order to be good at it! Hoever, in my opinion, it'll be worth it, since chess boxing is one of the few sports, that actually combines physical exercise and mental exercise. That's why I highly recommend it to all of you!

This is a video of the first chess boxing championship! I hope you enjoy this!!!

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  1. So intriguing! Combining the brain with the body! Which of the two is more difficult, though: chess or boxing? I wonder... I would definitely have a hard time in both! :) :) :)