Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Despicable Me 2


Activity 1
I completed the online quiz and I was very satisfied with my score which was 27 out of 30.

Activity 2 
The definition of the idioms:

  1. Hold the horses = slow down, hold on, wait
  2. Take a while = spend some time doinf sth
  3. Drown my sorrows = dealing with your problems or anxiety by consuming usually alcohol
  4. More to us than meets the eye = more weird or interesting than sb/sth before
  5. For a worthy cause = for sth good and important
  6. Have a lot going on = being very busy
  7. Figure it out = deal with, handle, work on
  8. Working on = trying to improve
  9. Hold tight  = grip
  10. Oh! Goodess! = phrase usually used on extremely impressive or terrifying situations
  11. Care to join me? = to invite sb to come, sit, chat with you
  12. Sleep tight! Don't let the bedbugs bite = sleep well
  13. A nut job = crazy and foolish person
  14. Go about your business = stick to your own job 


  1. Please stop worrying about me and go about your business! It can be really annoying!
  2. I really need to figure it out... I am a little cautious about this...
  3. This might take a while, but it's a very important step if you want the work to be done carefully and properly so you should wait!

Activity 3
First of all, I have to admit that Despicable Me 2 - to my surprise - was much better than the first one and I had the time of my life watching it. All the movie was hilarious and full of adventure and mystery. However, although there was a wide range of scenes that completely stood out, I still cannot choose my favourite one... I undoubtly laugh a lot when Pollito attacked Lucy and Gru and also, when Gru went on a date with an annoying woman and Lucy helped him to get rid of her! This one was for sure one of the best! Moreover, minions stood out again with their foolish and chilidish character and made the movie even more entertaining, hilarious and unique!

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  1. Great score and scene description! You are such good writers -all of you- that you are going to make me show you another even more entertaining film! Hmmm, interesting idea... Well done Katerinaki once again!