Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Letter to the Editor

         Dear Editor,
 My classmates and I read the article about the change for some school lessons for example music, arts and physical education that they will be removed or that these lessons, kids will not have to stress on. We believe that it is not right and the reasons are below.
     First of all, many children express  themselves through these subjects and if they are removed , they will be be very disappointed about it. Also, the most of them do not have time or can afford to do extra lessons after school, but if at school they find time to do their pastime and with instructors to help them this would be helpful. Futhermore, these subjrcts make chlidren relax when they are tired after all the other demanding hours of lessons.
     Also, gymnastics and different types of arts help to keep an open mind and have a clear and clever thought about everything. In additin, some children want to do arts as work in the future and they will have the correct knowledge before the university because of school.
        To sum up, my friends and I believe that arts and physical education is a good way to express our selves at school nd to relax.

          Yours faithfuly,

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