Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Essay: Computer games

Many people  believe that playing computer games is a complete waste of time.There are reasons for someone to think about it that way, but is that statement really true?Computer games sure have both advantages and disadvantages.

First of all, video games are a new way of entertainment that has yet to be accepted.With computer games you can have fun and spend some time,but it is not only that.Playing a video game is a new experience every time that has exceeded both movies and books ,in terms of the transmission of fear, other strong feelings and food for thought.Secondly, many believe that computer games are just for children; however, just a percentage of games is made for children.There are computer games for every age and for every type of character to enjoy.Finally,you can learn many things from video games, such as historical events, philosophers and their work, interesting information about science and physics etc.

However, there are also bad things about computer games.First of all, you might get addicted depending on your character and the game you are playing.So you need to make sure, you have a plan of how many hours you play per day and don't play too much.Secondly, you might get more weight and become unhealthy if playing video games is your only spare time activity.So you will have to also consider, going for walks or taking up a new sport.Finally,there is also the danger of violence for younger and less mature players.However, that isn't really a problem because as I said, there are computer games for all ages and the parents should control what games their child plays if they consider their child, not mature enough to distinguish between the bad and the good things a video game shows.

In conclusion, I believe, the pros outweigh the cons and that computer games surely are not a complete waste of time.Also, everyone (mostly youngsters) has to be careful with some things and play in moderation.

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