Sunday, September 21, 2014

Surprise: Film Night!

On Tuesday 8th September (although the next morning we were writing a Cambridge test), we all decided to pay a visit at the movies, as we get on very well with each other. We were actually faced with a dilemma about which movie to see. After a lot of thinking, we reached a decision. Eva had already seen the first option, which was "Step up 5, All in",  so there was only one left, that is "Lucy".  


What if a human could use 100%  of  the cerebral capacity? This is basically the main query and point of the film. Lucy,  accidentally caught in a dark deal, turns the tables on her captors and transforms into a merciless warrior evolved beyond human logic. After she discovers that a powerful drug, called CPH4 has been sewn into her abdomen, she immediately contacts a well-know scientist, who can help her out. Gradually, after many things have happened (I won't reveal anything!), she shapes a next generation supercomputer, which will contain all of her enhanced knowledge of the universe. She then begins a space time journey into the past, eventually reaching the oldest discovered ancestor of mankind, implied to be Lucy. Professor Norman, takes a black flash drive offered by the supercomputer that Lucy made by her body, before the machine turns into dust. Before that, Lucy had reached 100% of her cerebral capacity and disappeared within the space time continuum. Finally, Lucy (who is implied to be everywhere), is heard stating: "Life was given to us a billion years ago. Now you know what you can do with it."

By seeing Lucy, we spent quality time together and I hope to do it again! We also practised our English.  I can highly recommend this particular film, because it raises questions about life and time! On balance, I believe it was worth staying up until 11 o'clock. 

                                                 Commemorative photograph:


  1. Wow Marina!!! I think that you have become a true blogger by now!!! I am so glad you had a wonderful all together and I am even happier that you were willing to share this with us. Keep the posts coming, amazing students! :-)

  2. Blogging has become part of my daily life, indeed! I am very proud of our friendship and I hope it will last for many years, or why not for ever. :) It is always our pleasure to share our news!

  3. I am sure your friendship will stand the test of time, amazing bloggers! See you soon with even more surprises!!! :-)

  4. Lucy was a breath-taking movie, full of action and adventure and it definetely influenced me! I had the time of my life with Marina and Marinos - althought we really missed Eva's company! I really do hope to have the opportunity to do this again and have a break from our demanding routine! Eva you should join us the next time!! :P

    1. What a beautiful comment, Katerinaki! I myself would like to join you next time! (Please don't complain, Marinos, I'll avoid mentioning anything that has to do with homework! Hehe!)

      Happy birthday Katerinaki for today, as well! Enjoy the day and have loads of fun! :-)