Tuesday, September 30, 2014


"Recall of the Past"

    Alan knew it was time to get up, but he wished that he didn't have to. The alarm clock was shaking maiacally while making an ear-splitting sound. However, Alan was completely soaked up by his thoughts that his surroundings didn't affect him.It had been a year since his daughter and wife's violent deathand despite the time, he would never get used to their sudden loss.The phone rang. It was his boss calling, so he couldn't ignore the call despite his desire to do so.

"Emergency calling Alan! I know you have a hard time joining us today, but it's necessary! Meet us at 10 Queens Road! Arson alarm!"

Alan didn't say a word. He just put his phone down and started getting dressed.

    Some minutes later he was at 10 Queens Road - as his boss har ordered - waiting to storm into the building where a pyromaniac with 10 imprisoned innocent citizent had been spotted. As soon as he recognised the preassinged signals, he stormed confident into the building. In front of th cramped entrance there were various piles of papers surrounded by huge ethanol bottles. 10 people were tied in the middle of the room while a muscular man was mysteriously smiling.

    All of a sudden, Alan remembered that the remarkable man's smile was the cause of his smile loss, since he was the killer of his family. He understood it was a trap and tried to escape from the flaming building. However, it was too late. The serial killer shot Alan's leg and as a result he fell down screaming. The last thing he saw was a match slowly fallinf down and gradually  touching the floor. That was the last thing he saw before he finally woke up to drive his daughter to school...

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  1. Fantastic story! But I've already said that, I'm afraid! (A thousand times maybe!) :-)