Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Essay on Homeschooling

Nowadays, a growing number of parents consider more about school and an alternative to traditional education or homeschooling, as we call it. Homeschooling is a different method of education that allows the students to study at home with their parents, instead of attending the formal lessons at school. Many people believe that homeschooling could be a better solution for some families which have difficulties to send difficulty sending their children to a public school and others say that this will create problems to the children and that it will work against their natural development. In my opinion, homeschooling could create more problems than alternative education.

It is true that homeschooling refers mostly to people who are not capable to leave of leaving their house because they have some serious health problems or in the past had have been victims of bullying and improper treatment from their schoolmates. However, (comma) homeschooling can be used for more reasons and it might sometimes have a better effect than state schools. At first, homeschooling gives students a more flexible program. In this way, they can attribute perform better and will also give the capability to the students to focus more on the subjects they prefer. What's more, because of this flexibility, if some families live in isolated locations or they have problems because they can't pick up their children on time, they will now be able to avoid these problems and also keep an eye to on their kids (more formally: children/ young learners) during their studies. In addition, the material of their studies can be chosen from a wide range of books and subjects so the students will be enabled to have a well- rounded education. There are so many books that someone could choose or download from the Internet as well as games and other activities. These can be the formal school's books or other ones. At last Last but not least, another advantage of homeschooling is that these who have problems on a subject or they want to attend to a local school's lessons to get a better knowledge of it, are always free to do it.

Although that homeschooling can be a great source of knowledge and education, it can also create instability and undesirable problems. What concerns people who are against alternative education is that because of the conditions that it has in which it takes place, it could have an effect on children's socialization and make them more unsociable. It is also believed that parents are not always in the position to educate their kids and that is due to the fact that most of them are not qualified educators. Public schools might have problems too, but they also have the necessary equipment and staff that is required to for them them to perform their role as well as the y desirable social environment for students to socialize. I think that not facing the problems that concern s most of the parents, such as bullying or educational problems, (comma) doesn't help them (who? weaker students?) become better, but it results in them being isolated and maybe academically worst worse.

In conclusion, I think that homeschooling should only be allowed to kids (informal) that face serious problems with their education and not an optional tool that can be used by anyone. What would happen if one day everyone decides to leave schools? Would the educational system become better?


  1. Wow, Mr BackeN Decker, I am impressed! Your essay is huge, but quite well-written, I dare say. Lots of advanced vocabulary and linking/ opinion phrases, convincing arguments and a thought-provoking message at the end. We are going to discuss my corrections today, but your essay would surely pass!

  2. Homeschooling is a way to learn some things like going to school at home.In this way parents can study with their children and to help them in seperate themes.

    I think that homeschooling is a very interesting idea and it will be very useful and helpful to young children and in this way can they learn more easily and funny different things . However , this states for young children , no for older , in examle (senior) high school students . Of course some students at these ages want some homeschooling to become better at some lessons , but this has already been doing dy some students.

  3. I agree with BlackeN Decker that homeschooling is not as effective as alternative school. I would also like to add that in alternative schools you make friendships and meet other people which conclude in the student becoming more sociable. To conclude, I would like to say that I totally agree with your opinion on the subject.

  4. Homeschooling is a good and forward-looking idea that must come to our country because families that have money difficulties will not spend more money on transportation. Also, children will ask if they did not understand something without embarassment. Furthermore, homeschooling can be more usefull to the students because they have instant access to the Internet from their homes if they misunderstand something after the lesson. To summarise, I aggre with the idea of homeschooling and I truly believe that homeschooling must come to our country.

  5. Homeschooling is a way to learn some things like going to school at home.In this way parents can study with their children and to help them in seperate theme

    I believe that homeschooling is a good way of learning, as some children can not attend school because their homes are far away from them and they can go to public school.As a result, if they want to be educated they have to study at home.This is a good opportunity to get some knowledge that can be useful for them in their future.I believe that homeschooling is really usefull and can help many people.

  6. Homeschooling is a different method of education that allows the students to study at home with their teachers.In my personal view, is the best way to learn about subject you are keen on because you can understand more things about something.Furthermore, I think that if somebody lives in a village, homeschooling is the best solution,because they can't attend lessons.On the other hand, the teenagers can be anti-sociable but if you want to choise homeschooling you have to think very seriously before you decide that.