Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Dorian gray was a very handsome, confident young man at the age of 19 who had his portrait done by an artist named Basil Hallward, who was also one of his best friends. Basil knew also a person called Lord Henry who was a very cynical man and he was very afraid that Lord Henry could have bad influence on Dorian. Lord Henry approached Dorian and since then they became close friends.
When Dorian saw the portrait he wished that the man in the portrait should be the one who would get old not him. Dorian met a beautiful actress named Sibyl Vane and he fell in love with her. He proposed to her and she was very happy about it.
Then Dorian went to the theater with Lord Henry and Basil to watch Sibyl acting but the only thing they saw was just a horrible actress with a weak voice and unnatural acting. When Dorian Gray asked her what the reason for her bad performance that night was, Sibyl replied that she can’t imitate love in a play now that she knows the real emotion of it. Dorian told Sibyl that she was just ordinary and he left her crying on floor. The day after, Dorian felt very bad for the way he treated Sibyl so he wrote her a letter in order to apologize to her when suddenly Lord Henry appeared and announced to Dorian that Sibyl had committed suicide. Dorian felt bad but Henry’s influence was very strong and Dorian couldn’t fight his personality so he forgot about Sibyl’s death immediately.
Dorian was watching his portrait having an unhappy face all the time and he didn’t like it anymore so he decided to hide it into his old study room. He didn’t want his servants to notice that the portrait is changing so he hired two workmen to do the job. He locked the door and felt safe again.
One night while Dorian was returning  home he met Basil on his way. Basil had to speak with Dorian because all this time Dorian was surrounded by immoral people and he wanted explanations. Dorian was upset with Basil because he continuously asked him questions about his behavior so Dorian went upstairs with him and unlocked the old study room where he was keeping the portrait. Basil was shocked when he realized that the old man in the portrait was actually Dorian and that the wish he had made all these years before, came true. Basil was looking at the portrait and couldn’t believe how evil that was and said to Dorian that he could change. Dorian wanted to change but his life was destroyed since Basil drew his portrait and he thought that Basil introduced him to Lord Henry too, so he felt that Basil was responsible for his horrible life and took the knife from the desk and stabbed Basil in the neck.
Later Dorian called Alan Campbell who was a scientist in order to force him to make the dead body of Basil disappear. And so it was done. Dorian felt relief.
While Dorian was walking on the street, a man caught him and pushed him against the wall. He told Dorian that he was Sibyl’s brother and that he came to kill him. Dorian thought really fast and answered to him that this wasn't possible since he was too young to be Dorian Gray. 18 years had passed since the accident and he looked like a 20-year-old. Sibyl’s brother was convinced. An old woman was watching from an old building and she spoke to James telling him that Dorian Gray escaped and that he lost the opportunity to kill him since she knew that Dorian looked always young without knowing how.
Later on Lord Henry organized a shooting party at Dorian’s country house. Dorian thought that it would be safe for him because James wouldn’t follow him. Suddenly there was a terrible accident and Dorian’s friends realized that they had shot a man instead of a rabbit. Dorian realized that that man was James and he felt relief.
The next week Dorian went to Lord Henry’s house and he confessed to him that he wasn’t happy with his life and that he is not a nice person. Lord Henry told him that he wouldn't change and that it was important for his friends to stay just like he was. Dorian returned at home and he was very nervous, so he decided to look at his portrait considering that it might know his good intentions. He look at the portrait but there wasn’t any change, so he took a knife and stabbed the picture. The servants saw the portrait of the young handsome Dorian Gray and on the floor the dead body of an old man with a very ugly face and evil eyes.


  1. Wow, a long description AND a wonderful picture! You have turned into an amazing blogger, apparently! I will correct a few mistakes tonight- stay tuned, Manolis! :-)

  2. ok Christina, I'm looking forward to listening from you!