Saturday, November 12, 2011

Has anyone been cycling?

Hello Antony and Manolis! Did you go cycling yesterday? Tell me all about it! :-)

Type your answer in the comment box.


  1. Hello Christin,
    I didn't go cycling yesterday, beacause the weather was bad. It was rain and the wind was very porefull.
    So, I stayed at home and I readed my english lessons.
    Finally, the afternoon I went with my friend for chocolate to <> cafe.
    I see you tommorow at 9:30 pm. :-)

  2. Hello Antony! I am so happy you wrote a comment! Aha, so it was raining and it was windy, this is why you didn't go cycling! Instead, you studied English! Great idea! Did you go to Utopia? I am so jealous! I love chocolate! See you tomorrow!

  3. We are love riding a bike.
    Hugo speaking: I cycle every day even if it rains.
    Romain speaking : I cycle every weekend.