Monday, October 2, 2017


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  1. Follow the advice above and give your opinion about the problem in the second picture. Write a full paragraph explaining which option you choose and why. Then, explain why you did not choose the other option and sum up.

  2. In my opinion the best thing you can do is not any of the options that you gave me . The best option is to program her computer to shut down in a certain time . I think that they are some apps that they can do this . The other options are not the best . The first option is not good because you can not controll her. The second option is not good either because you cut the communication between her and her friends this might cause trauma to her social life.

  3. I believe that option number 1 is better than option number 2.If her mum forbid her to go online their relasioship will be affected. The girl will be angry with her mum and might do bad at school.Perhaps if she allow her to spend some time online it will be healthier than spending hours online,she will do much better at school and will be able to chat with her friends,too.Her mother should make a plan that her daughter should follow , if she will not she will be punished.Also it would be better if she was studing first and then she could go online.

  4. In my opinion, you should let her spend some time surfing the Internet because if you fordid it she might have a conflict with you. Also, you need to make a big conversation with her and exlpain the disadvantages of surfing the Internet so much. You can also talk with her about the affects that this bad habit may cause to her behaviour or to her marks at school. Moreover, you can make a plan which would include the hours of studying and concentrate on the school work and the free time when she would be able to surf the Internet. In addition, you should recommend her other ways to spend her free time instead of surfing the Internet.
    To sum up, I suggest you to choose option 1 because it will help your daughter to understand the things I have mentioned.

  5. If I were you,I would choose the second option, because she must focus on her studies.Also if she continues using the internet all the time,she will get hooked on it and that is very dangerous!I don't choose the fist option because I am not sure that she will be concentrated at school if she sleep for few hours and the use of Internet will probably effect on her progress at school.However,I think it is a nice idea to let her use it for one hour a day in order to contact with her friends.To sum up,for the reasons I have just mentioned I think the second option is better!

  6. In my opinion the best solution is to forbit her to go online except weekends.It's a great way to decrease the hours she spends every day online and to motivate her to study more.It maybe affects her friendships but if she keeps getting late to school, will affect her marks. I believe that allowing her to spend some time online isn't a good solution because you can't easily control the time she will spend online.To sum up,if you restricht the time she spends on the internet everyday and let her be online only at the weekends,will be the best solutionto your problem.

  7. In my opinion, is option which told I can forbid her to go online because she needs to concentrate on her studies.I believe that this option is right but I would give her limited time using the internet.So I chose option 2 and I would say why I din't choose 1 option. I din't choose option 1 because the girl should choose attending school and not using the internet so much.To sum up, students should give more consideration to school and then to all other things.

  8. Well done for expressing and explaining your opinion, guys! We will work on how you need to structure your "oral paragraph", so the end result will be even better. Keep up the good work! :-)