Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Letter of opinion

      Dear Jane
    I have read the article on the newspaper about you stopping your career and I am writing to express my opposition to your decision
    In my opinion, it's a shame to stop your carer, because you are a talented actor. Moreover, your fans have been shocked at your decision. Thirdly, you have appeared in ten movies before, which means that you are a talented actor and this is the reason why ten acting companies have chosen you to play in ten movies. You are only a fourteen-year-old girl and you have achieved to play in ten movies. When you become an adult, you will already be a well-known actor and the companies will pick you easily to play in movies and finally build a big carer in acting
    I understand that is difficult to stay far from your hometown, your family and your friends. Try to overcome the difficulties and do the hobby you want. Moreover, you can find new friend in the new town. If you become a famous actor, you will have a lot of money and you will be able to afford to travel often to your hometown.
     To sum up, I believe that it ill be a shame to stop your career. Try to overcome the difficulties.

                                                                                             Manolis Lagoudakis 

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