Monday, November 21, 2016

Letter of opinion


Dear Mayor  
              I am writing to express my opposition to the council's plan. In my opinion the beach is a place for relaxation and people can go there at the weekends. But if you turn the beach , into a popular resort , it will not be so good for all of us.
             Fistly , I don't think that the beach needs to be developed because if there was a problem , then the local people wiil not go there to spend their weekends. Therefore ,it is not possible to develop the beach because families will not enjoy the sea for their excursions and picnics.
             Secondly , I don't think that the beach need to developed , so if you turn the beach into a luxury resort , then we could have problems about the environment. We will have cause polution. Moreover , we might cause overcrowding at the beach. 
             I hope you will take my suggestions into account, when deciding on this matter.
                        Nick kokkinos 

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