Sunday, May 8, 2016

A film for all teenagers

   Over the past years, I've seen different types of movies,but I have to choose one that is interesting and breath taking. In this case, "The Lord Of The Rings" is worth reviewing.
   This film is about a  ring which is the only one that can change the heroes' personality from good to bad. However, the only way the ring can be destroyed is by fire. Frodo, who is the main character, is a short boy whith dark coloured hair and blue eyes. In addition, he inherts the ring from his uncle he tries to destroy it. Another main character is the Gollum, a small monster with enormous feet and hands, grey hair, violet skin and blue eyes. The Gollum wants to take the ring and become the king.So, it does anything to take it. There are ,also, some other characters, Frodo's friends, who help him and vilains who try for the opposite, to defend the ring. So all the story is around this jewellery and the efforts for its extinction.
     I beleve that this movie is worthwhile to see because of the special effects, the plot and the amazing the scenes. Except that, most teenagers would like it. The adventure of this movie makes the viewer feel the suspense at all times.
     All in all,   "The Lord Of The Rings"is a movie that everyone should see, from teenagers to adults, because it is a different story from the other ones and everyone would love it.

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