Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hybrid thinking!!

This is the second video I have ever seen on this site called ''TED''.In my opinion,the video I linked was an amazing video which can give you too many things to think.The man talking was explaining how our brain works and the evolution of our brains since the prehistoric times.In the end,he says something very exciting; he said that in about 10 or 20 years we will have nanobots in our brains so it will be much easier and much faster to think about something we want,for example we will be like Google,our brain will be able to find hundreds of results in only 3 seconds,can you imagine that?As he was closing,the scientist said that we will be thinking with 2 ways,the non-biological way which we will be thinking with the help of the nanobots and the biological way which we will be thinking with our brains,that is going to be very slow of course.I forgot to mention,the man also stated that if we put nanobots in our brains our forehead is going to be bigger and we will be able to expand our thinking without limits.

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