Sunday, May 3, 2015

~What's your favourite TV programme ?~

 Nowadays, television has conducted many different kinds of programmes: documentaries thrillers, dramas and many other series with a view to provide the viewers with a great number of satisfation. With regard to my favourite one, I would definitely choose a documentary, called "The Ancient Present", which is about 45 minutes per week.

 In this programme, there are two main characters: Evans and Leo. Both of them are experienced and high-qualified archeologists with an identified certificate in scientific researches based on archeology. As far as the plot of the documentary is concerned, the two men travel back to the ancient Hellas and try to show us the civilization of this period. Moreover, they show you the remains of many attractions and try to analyse what is hidding behind them. They talk to you about the music that used to be played, the food that the regions used to eat, the constitution they had and eminent personalities, like Plato, Socrates, Homer e.t.c.

 The reason I really like watcing this programme, is due to the fact that it is very informative and gives you information about your ancestors, the people who "built" the worldwide distinguished civilization you are in awe of today. It makes me eager for the next episode every time the previous one finishes. It is thrilling!

 From my point of view, we should all watch such good documentaries. I strongly recommend you watch it, because it is a great watch, from which you can learn plenty of things and feel like you are, or you have been to the ancient Hellas.


  1. Bravo Vasilikoula! Great idea, I'll watch some episodes! *From my point of view, we should all watch such documentaries. Kisses and hugs xxx

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  3. Self-correction rules!!! Well done once again, Vassilikoula!!!

  4. I deleted my previous comment by mistake:(
    I wanted to ask if we can use both "From my point of view" or "In my point of view" or only one of them is correct.

  5. Good question, blogger! We say "in my opinion", but "from my point of view". I can't wait to see more of your exciting blog posts!