Saturday, March 21, 2015

Questions from chatrooms

Chatroom Page: 65

  • If you could turn the clock back, what would you change and why?
   If I could turn the clock back I wouldn't change anything because I'm very happy with my choices.

  • Would you ever agree to go on a blind date?
   I wouldn't agree to go on a blind date. I believe that is really silly the whole thing and probably dangerous for the people who go on them because the don't even know who they are going to meet.

Chatroom P. 67

  • Think about somebody who has moved away from your school or area. Do you miss him/her ?
    My really good friend, Daphne moved away from school  and the country approximately 3 or 4 years ago. She and her family have gone to Australia and they live there now. My other friends and I really miss her because she is a great, kind girl and and absolutely awesome friend.


  1. Bravo blogger John once again! I really liked your opinion about blind dates hehe! See you soon, champion! :)