Sunday, November 2, 2014

Benefits of using technology

  Technology is used in every classroom. It is a widespread phenomenon and there are many ways in which it aids both teachers and students during the learning and teaching process

(The students can reap the benefits of the use of technology as it is suitable for all learning styles.)--> not to be stated in the introduction, but in the main body

  There are a lot of benefits of using technology. Firstly, the lessons become more interesting because of the wide variety of online activities and the opportunity to chat with foreign students. Students can be more open minded and knowledgable, (comma) as they have access to the internet and they can obtain useful information, read e-books and encyclopedias or join a social networking site. Moreover, there are online lessons for students to do at home.
  There are further benefits related to technology in the classroom. It encourages people to keep learning and it helps students with disabilities to conduct research more easily. Also, teachers can prepare their lesson, find lots of activities and discover new methods of teaching.
  In conlusion, there is a number of advantages related to the use of technology. It is a blessing and an intriguing way to learn information if we use it wisely.

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  1. Bravo Evaki for the technology post! Please have a look at my corrections and ask me questions tomorrow. I am now waiting for more bloggers to write about this topic!!! :-)