Sunday, December 1, 2013

How is difference shown in the film and what is so unexpected about it? Is the protagonist' behaviour logical?

Film VS Reality

There are many differences between the film "Hotel Transylvania" and the reality. Firstly, in the film we see that monsters are afraid of people because some of them killed Dracula's wife many years ago . However, when Dracula became friends with Jonathan who is a real person, he believed that people weren't as bad as he thought and when people helped him to find Jonathan he understood that they loved him, (comma) whereas in reality people are frightened of monsters who don't exist.
In my point of view, the whole film isn't logical due to the protagonist' behaviour. All the monsters are scared of people, but in reality people are terrified of monsters . However, the lead roles, which are Dracula and Jonathan in particular, regardless of their difference, finally became finally friends and helped each other in a difficult situation.

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